Helen Fellows

Artist Statement

I make art because it is how I see the world. In nature, we are moved by changing colors, patterns, shapes, textures, light. My inclination is to create something from my responses to what I see. I cannot improve on nature, the best of all designers. But I can add things that I carry with me .

I want others to see my art because it is a way I connect with the world and art is a way we connect to one another. Having someone moved by my art is pure joy.

I have been making art for as long as I can remember. As an adult, I followed other paths for a career, but I have never stopped being an artist. My husband and I traveled most summers in the west to hike and climb. Doug had a wonderful eye for photography. I often stole from his work. We made a good team.

This summer I traveled to Newfoundland and fell in love with its landscape. Afterwards, I took a printmaking workshop at Anderson Ranch in Colorado, only because painting slots were full. A wonderful printmaker from New York exposed me to the world of monoprint and I will be forever grateful.  Newfoundland was a great source.

In the media

Helen’s art was featured in a well known medical journal

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